Being Intentional: Living Your Life On Purpose

A few years ago, while at training, my boss gave a presentation that changed my way of thinking. All it took was two simple words. “Be intentional”, she said. At the time, I thought of it as being intentional about my “work” day. Making sure all assignments are completed by their due dates and within their budgets. That sort of thing. But what about other Read More

Month Review: January 2017

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll be mildly compensated keeping going. Thank you! Month Review: January 2017 January 2017 has started with a bang! Resolutions were made, and, so far, kept. My resolution for 2017 was to start a PCOS friendly diet. This means a glutton free, low carb, no dairy Read More

5 Reasons I Quit Taking Metformin

I am not a medical professional. Below are my opinions and experiences with Metformin. Please consult your doctor before stopping any medications. For those who are knew to the infertility world, Metformin is a prescription drug that is commonly used by people who have diabetes, but it is also prescribed to women who have PCOS. It is used to help women with PCOS  regulate their body’s glucose, Read More

PCOS & Infertility: Part III

Hey guys! Thanks for following me on this journey. This is third part of my story – PCOS & Infertility. Here are parts one and two.   PCOS & Infertility: Part III At this point, we had been on this journey for a year and a half and nothing was working. Geoff and I made an appointment for a consultation with a fertility specialist back Read More

I’m Stressing Out! 5 Unique Ways to Relieve Stress

I’m stressing out! I am a natural stressor. If people were paid to stress, I would be CEO. Take my natural proclivity for stress and add to it a stressful job and fertility treatments and I am a functioning basket case… on the best days. Being tightly wound up causes me to have emotional breakdowns (mostly bouts of anger) and to physically be in pain Read More