Color Me Happy

With everything going on in life, sometimes it’s hard to take time out for yourself. Every week I try to stop and find things that make me happy. This is what’s making me happy this week.

Very British Problems– “Join Britain’s most famous faces as they discuss the nation’s capacity for cringe – from the horror of small talk to gratuitous apologising and the mighty struggle to express our true feelings.” This show can be found on Netflix for those of us in the US.

7 “Weird Habits of Happy Couples-“I started doing some research into the habits of the happiest and healthiest couples, and I’m convinced that the healthiest couples are healthy BECAUSE they have developed some daily habits that most other couples haven’t done. In short, the “weird” habits set the happiest couples apart.”

 7 Time Management Strategies to Stay Focused at Work-“One viral video or email or text message or IM or phone call has the ability to take our day completely off course. Quick bouts of task-switching that may seem harmless; but in reality, even minor interruptions can be a HUGE barrier to effective time management. Studies have shown that after an interruption it takes us 23 minutes to shift back our thinking and re-engage with the workflow we were previously in.”

The Best Cities for Book Lovers-“In order to measure which cities were the best for book lovers we did research on things like libraries, book stores, book clubs and book club members.”

And being surprised at the airport by my awesome hubby!

What’s making you happy this week? Share below in the comments.

Have a great weekend!!

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