Color Me Happy

With everything going on in life, sometimes it’s hard to take time out for yourself. Every week I try to stop and find things that make me happy. This is what’s making me happy this week.

Baby Daddy-I’ve been being watching Baby Daddy on Netflix this week and haven’t stopped laughing.

The Visual Calendar :: Or, my secret weapon for staying motivated-“Top trick for insane focus and incredible results. This is a very simple motivational technique, yet so effective.”

This Woman Made An Insane, Tiny, Harry Potter-Style Bedroom For Her Dog-“When McCall’s nephew, Will Rigdon, went to visit her on Labor Day, he discovered a tiny, Harry Potter–style room she built underneath a flight of stairs, and posted the photos online.”

Covers, Ch. 1-EP by The Sweeplings- Thanks to the Popcast I have been introduced to The Sweeplings and I am LOVING them.

Have a great weekend!

What’s making you happy this week? Comment below! I would love to hear what is making you happy!

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