Sometimes Things Aren’t Okay…. and That’s Ok {Navigating the Seasons of Life}

Sometimes things aren’t okay…. Seasons of life are a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re going through one until you’re in the middle of it. This season in my life feels like it’s been going on for a LONG time and sometimes I’m not ok. The emotions come and go, but I just can’t see an end to it. Today I saw an article Read More

5 Reasons I Quit Taking Metformin

I am not a medical professional. Below are my opinions and experiences with Metformin. Please consult your doctor before stopping any medications. For those who are knew to the infertility world, Metformin is a prescription drug that is commonly used by people who have diabetes, but it is also prescribed to women who have PCOS. It is used to help women with PCOS  regulate their body’s glucose, Read More

PCOS & Infertility: Part III

Hey guys! Thanks for following me on this journey. This is third part of my story – PCOS & Infertility. Here are parts one and two.   PCOS & Infertility: Part III At this point, we had been on this journey for a year and a half and nothing was working. Geoff and I made an appointment for a consultation with a fertility specialist back Read More

PCOS & Infertility: Part II

Hey y’all! This is Part II to my PCOS & Infertility journey. If you haven’t read Part I, please go back and do so. You can find it here. My next appointment was the worst visit I had with this gynecologist. At this point, it’s been 7 months of us trying to get pregnant with no success. Seven months of disappointment. When I get to Read More

PCOS and Infertility: Part I

PCOS and Infertility is a messy subject and it’s not always pretty, but no journey is. And this is my journey. Fair warning, I am not a medical professional nor am I claiming to be one. This is fully based on my experiences.