6 Ways to Buy Books on a Budget

6 Ways to Buy Books on a Budget
Buying books on a budget can be difficult.

Let’s be honest, books are expensive regardless if you are enjoying them through a physical book, e-reader, or audiobooks. So I put my books on a budget. I had to! They were out of control. I do not have the lifestyle that allows me to walk into a bookstore and just drop large amounts of money. One day (hopefully), but that day is not today. So how is a bookworm supposed to keep up with their favorite authors? Over the years, I have found 5 resources to allow your inner bookworm to go nuts without breaking the bank.


If you don’t already know about Bookbub and their daily deals, you need to get acquainted. You can sign up for theses daily deals on their website and choose what genres of books you would like to receive daily discounts on. These books can be downloaded to any device and they are yours. 


You’re probably thinking that you don’t buy books from libraries, but libraries will occasionally have book sales. My local library has a book sale during the summer. If your local library doesn’t have any books for sale you can still save money buy using the resources that they do provide.

Your local library probably has an app for e-books (I was slow on the uptake with this one and only found out about it a few months ago). My local library uses the Freading app and it is quick and easy to use. Not all books are readily available on the app, but there are plenty of titles out there.

What I love is how easy it is to request audiobooks. Audiobooks are VERY expensive and even if you subscribe to audiobook sites such as Audible or Scribd you are still paying  $10+ per book. Don’t get me wrong, $10 is a lot cheaper than $30, but borrowing audiobooks from the library is FREE. FREE FOLKS! Add the convenience of being able to request any audiobook from around my county and being able to pick them up at my preferred location is a beautiful thing when you don’t have a lot of extra time during your day.

Add Audible narration to your Kindle book

When you think of e-books, you probably think of Kindle books. But, did you know that you with many of your Kindle downloads that you could also buy the accompanying audiobook at a fraction of the cost thanks to Audible narration.

What is Audible Narration? Audible narration is the audio version of your book and it is offered through Audible.com. The beauty of Audible narration is that there is NO monthly subscription. When purchasing your Kindle book, simple click add Audible narration and click buy. It’s that simple. With Audible narration you can switch between your e-book and the audiobook without losing your place. There is no extra app to download. This is great when your reading time is interrupted and you need to go to the store. The audiobook is there in your Kindle app ready to pick up right where you left off.

Indie bookstores

We have two indie bookstores in my area that I LOVE going to. Or getting lost in. Same thing right? My local bookstores offer an exchange program for books. I can bring in any of my old books to receive a certain amount of store credit. This allows me to trade in old books to make room for the new books, buy new books without spending too much money out-of-pocket, and support a local business.

(If you’re in the MS Gulf Coast area, go check them out! The Book Bag and Southern Bound Books. Heads up. The Book Bag has cats.)

Another great thing about buying already read books is that you can get them at a lower cost and if the owner feels that they have too many of the same type of book in stock they may do grab bags. Both of our bookstores have mystery bag of books. The genre or a short description of the type of books is written on the bag and that’s it. The last bag I bought was nine books for $5! It’s a great way to find new books without spending too much money on books you know nothing about.

Thrift shops

I have no shame in my book game. When I have a free afternoon, I enjoy browsing around our local thrift shop or Goodwill and see what books they have available.  You never know what you are going to find, and I love when I stumble across a book I’ve been wanting to read. These stores will sometimes have a huge sale or certain items are on sale certain days of the week.  

Share books between friends

We are going to get back to the basics on this one. Sharing books cost nothing. My friends and I share books and we have done this for years. They are your friend for a reason, so you already trust their book judgement. It always seems to work out where I am following one series and they are following another and we switch off books as we finish them (we manage this even living states away). You can also do this through your kindle app, but the book is only available to your friend for a limited amount of time and you can’t read it while it is “borrowed”.

I hope that these tips for buying books without breaking the bank were helpful. What is your favorite way to save money on books? Let me know in the comments. Love these tips? Share them!


Is your book buying affecting your budget? Here are some tips to keep your book buying habits budget friendly.   Is your book buying affecting your budget? Here are some tips to keep your book buying habits budget friendly.

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