Alex & Eliza: a love story {a quick review}

Alex & Eliza book review |

Alex & Eliza: A Love Story

Today’s quick review is Alex & Eliza: A Love Story. Life is too busy to read long, drawn out book reviews. I’m giving you the jist of the story, in 300 words or less.


Inspired by the Broadway hit Hamilton, Melissa De La Cruz’s Alex & Eliza: A Love Story is the fictional story of how their love came to be. In the (re)telling of the Hamilton’s romance, Alex and Eliza’s romance begins at a ball held by the Schuylers. Eliza is excited to hear that the young colonel is going to be there, but after hearing of the unfortunate news Alex has brought to the Schuyler family she shuns him.

After two years of pining for Eliza, the two happen to meet again in Morristown. Eliza has come to visit and help her aunt with the wounded and sick soldiers. Alex uses this opportunity to woo Eliza and prove that he is more than his lack of a name and fortune.

It’s no surprise how the book ends, but it’s a fun ride getting there.


Being a lover of Hamilton, I enjoyed that this book was inspired by the play. And you can tell. Throughout the book, the wording is similar to the play (using some of the more known phrasing from the play) and it would cause me to start singing Hamilton songs.

The Schuler sisters were a delight and in this (re)telling Eliza has so much gumption. In a time where one must adhere to the minutia of society, Eliza makes her own path. Even when her family is forcing her to make life changing decisions.

The only  con for me was the characters were a little over dramatic at times.

Angelica looked at her sisters nervously. “ I think he is going to ask me to elope.”

“What?” Eliza gasped as Peggy literally clutched her pearls.

Overall, this book was great. The beginning was a little slow, but once it caught its stride, I couldn’t put it down. Let me know in the comments what you thought of Alex and Eliza: A Love Story.

Rating. 3.5

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Alex & Eliza book review |

Alex & Eliza book review |

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