1 year blogiversary: introductions, finding my voice, & being unapologetically you

Year 1 Blogiversary | MississippiDarling.com

It’s MississippiDarling.com blogiversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started Mississippi Darling. This year has been journey. I’ve learned a lot, made some mistakes, and it’s been a blast. To celebrate Mississippi Darling’s 1 year blogiversary, I want to take a moment to properly introduce myself, share with y’all how finding your voice at 30 is still hard, and explain what I mean by being unapologetically you.

Year 1 Blogiversary | MississippiDarling.com

Let me PROPERLY introduce myself

Here are 13 fun facts about me.
  1. I’m a southern girl: born & raised.
  2. Jesus is my rock.
  3. There is nothing sweeter than sweet tea and the smell of honeysuckle.
  4. I can smell when it’s going to rain and love watching it come down.
  5. I love being a southern hostess and strive to make my life, and home, as cozy as possible.
  6. Honesty is the best policy, but I tend to try to sugar coat the hard truths.
  7. I love solving problems and finding the quickest and easiest way to get there. This habit causes me to be a bit of micro manager.
  8. My life has been unconventional for as long as I can remember, but somewhere down the line I decided that it would be easier to blend in than stand out and to cover up my creativity and be what everyone else thought I should be. I’ve taken the road most often traveled and I’ve been bored for far too long.
  9. Mississippi Darling was originally started as an outlet to help me cope with PCOS and dealing with the struggles of infertility.
  10. I’m very indecisive about things that don’t matter. 
  11. I want my world painted with bright and vivid colors. 
  12. Surrounded by books is my happy place.
  13. I’m addicted to coffee cups. The more unique, the better. However, I don’t have a lot of space to store them so my current selection is small.

Finding my voice

This past year has been eye-opening. I thought starting a blog would be easy peasy and that it would take off with very little effort. (Insert tired laugh and eye roll here).  I knew nothing of designing a website, monetizing a website, promoting it, finding a niche. Nothing.

All the expert bloggers say that to have a successful blog you have to find your niche. I didn’t know what my niche was. Heck, I barely know who I am and now you want me to define and put limits around a blog? Right….

I struggled with this for about nine months. It was difficult. I really struggled finding what I’m passionate about to write about. I joked and said that I am passionate about finding my passion. What is my purpose in this crazy world and how do I do it?

That’s when it hit me. Duh, that’s your niche! I’ve been on the path of self-rediscovery for a couple of years now and it never occurred to me that was my passion. That learning how being unapologetically me could be more than a motto that I aspire to live by.

Being Unapologetically You

Over the years, I realized that I’m done being a square peg trying to be forced into a round hole. I’m me and I’m done apologizing for it. This motto is more than words written. It’s a promise.

The world is an imperfect place and it is full of people trying to make sense of it. So they try to mold us into versions of ourselves that they are comfortable with. We are judged and critiqued on every aspect of our lives. And we allow them to have power over us.

Why? Because it’s scary to buck the system, because we want to make everyone happy, because the fear of the unknown is, well, fearful?

My entire life has been lived to make everyone else happy. I majored and graduated with a degree that I didn’t want because I let someone else decided my path, I’ve made decisions on my appearance because others thought I looked better their way, and I’ve compromised my beliefs because it made others more comfortable.

No one ever offered to make these same sacrifices for me.

As I become solidly planted in my 30’s, I am taking back my life and learning what makes me happy and finding joy in the unexpected, regardless how big or small it is. Life is too short to live it to please other people. I figure I have about 40+ years left on this earth (God willing) and I plan on making the most of it.

I urge you to do the same!

Find your passion, get that super cute haircut, geek out over the newest superhero trailer, read all the books. Whatever you want! It’s your journey so do what makes you happy!

I hope you join me on this incredible journey of self-rediscovery. We’re stepping outside our comfort zones here and it’s going to get a little weird and messy.  All the best things are. Come join this ride with me! It’s going to be a doozy.


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Year 1 Blogiversary | MississippiDarling.com

4 thoughts on “1 year blogiversary: introductions, finding my voice, & being unapologetically you

  1. brittany764 says:

    I totally understand what you mean about finding your voice and learning to become unapologetically you. I’m in my 20’s and it’s a struggle. But I have been trying to learn to be more confident and love me for who I am. My blog has helped me do just that in some ways. It’s nice to read about other people experiencing some of the same things as me.

  2. Terry & Teresa says:

    I like you am coming up on my first year anniversary. I have been working all these issues. Great Blog!!!!

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