By the Book by Julia Sonneborn {review}

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn By the Book by Julia Sonneborn is a loose retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. By the Book is set at Fairfax College, a small liberal college in California, were Anne is a literature professor who is working towards tenure. All seems well until Adam, her ex-fiance, is hired and is now her new boss. Hijinks ensue in this contemporary Read More

Unicorns versus Goats

With all upheaval and added stress to our lives lately, we had a much-needed family night out and went and saw Despicable Me 3. I’ve loved these movies for so long! Gru, the grumpy villain adopts three girls and you get to see how these three unique girls change his life. (For the record, this one didn’t disappoint me. I loved it!) Spending some much Read More

12 unique ways to destress

Stress is unavoidable and this season of my life is full of it. I am naturally stressed, but add in stress of becoming a first time foster parent (or parent in general), dealing with back to school for the first time, plus family drama and I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve never really worried about any of this until a few weeks ago. I had my Read More

Infertility affects him, too

Infertility is not an easy burden to bear. And for most, it’s not a burden we bear alone even if it feels like it. Many women struggle with the mindset that this is my cross to bear alone since I’m the “broken one”, but they never take a step back to see how it affects their husband. I’m guilty of this and it took me Read More

Podcasts I can’t quit listening to

Podcasts are the best! They seem to have everything you could ask for at the click of the subscribe button. You can get the information you want in a quick manner by people who you actually like. The main question isn’t “should I listen to podcasts?” It should be “what podcasts should I be listening to?” Tired of the same ‘ol music I never saw Read More